Sewing Machine Maintenance: Timing


if the sewing machine has become slower to work all works with jerks one of the reasons for this is that the speed controller is faulty let’s unscrew the screw and see what is inside the pedal pry off the lid with a flat blade screwdriver and remove it inside we see a ceramic case remove the two screws in the ceramic block can be removed from the pedal housing if you press the plate harder the speed of the electric motor of the sewing machine will be higher disconnect these wires from the rheostat.
I hope you disconnected the sewing machine from the mains before traces of oxides are visible on surface the metal plate they must be removed with an abrasive tool do not remove the plate but just slightly loosen its mound in this position it will be easier for you to remove oxides and carbon deposits the service should be smooth now let’s see what’s inside the ceramic case this type of rheostat consists of many graphite round plates they are very fragile be careful the principle of operation of such a rheostat is that the denser the plates are pressed against each other the more electricity passes through them Soton the surface of these plates prevents the normal passage of electricity the Sun needs to be removed this is easy to do if you rub each plate on both sides on paper but do it carefully the plates are very fragile and break easily if you break several plates you can insert a regular metal washer instead but this is undesirable to do the position of the ceramic rheostat also affects the operation of the electric motor adjust it so that the sewing machine does not start at the slightest touch of the foot but only after a slight pressure on the pedal there should always be a gap between the platinum and the graphite pusher otherwise the electric circuit will be permanently closed and this may result in a fire of the electric motor therefore after operation always unplug the sewing machine and the last piece of advice is not to do this work yourself contacts especially

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