Tutorial – How to Oil Your Industrial Sewing Machine –

Today I’m gonna go over
a quick, quick, quick video regarding how to oil your
machine, and what you oil, and what not to oil, and all that stuff. We had, the most important thing is that most of these machines now come with servo motor, quiet motor. If you see your sewing machine is leaking from here it could be with overlock, it could be with serger, or
single needle or anything. If you see that is happening, it’s because your machine is in reverse. The pump is in reverse. So that’s why the oil
is dripping from here. You wanna make sure the sewing machine is going that way and not this way. That’s number one. Number two, all the
new machines these days have an oil pan right here. And if you zoom in, it’s a
low and a high right here. So when you buy a machine
there is a quart of oil and put everything in there. With this machine you
don’t need to oil anything. There’s a pump right here. You see that? There’s a pump. And if you find the machine like this, with the hole in there, there
is nothing wrong with it. This we call umbrella and it sits here and what happen is whenever your machine needs the feet to go up and down, this goes up, you see that? And makes the umbrella go up and makes the feet go up right here. But right now it’s not gonna. So when it comes down. Now, so there is not a hole in here.
There’s no problem with this. You might find magnets
in there, right here. There is nothing wrong. This didn’t come off of anything. This magnet sits here, so
if your needle breaks down, travels and get stuck here
and then you clean ’em up. You see there is a screw right here? That screw is if you wanna change the oil. Whenever you see the oil
is really, really dark and really unbearable and
smells, you just wanna change it. Just open this up, pull all the oil out, clean up the panel, and (clicking) okay, number one. If you, this thing that is
hanging here is by purpose. There is nothing wrong
with your sewing machine. It’s all normal. This one sits in the
oil and oil travels up through the sewing machine. With this sewing machine, you
see, there are these plugs. If you want, you could open plugs and drop one drop of oil in there. Now, this is a must. You have one of these,
air blowers at home? – [Woman] No. – [David] No, you don’t. The gardener has, I’m sure. – [Woman] Probably. – [David] Whenever he
comes by, just ask him if you could use this and
clean out the sewing machine. You do not know about a lot of dust and a lot of lint inside this machine, inside the motor, inside. You want to clean it every day. Make sure that it’s clean,
make sure that it’s– Now if you don’t have one of these and you don’t have a gardener, you just wanna get one of
those air cans and clean it up. Under the plate, over the
plate, all over underneath. So this is a single-needle, walking foot, the same thing applies
with 8700, the same thing, same system. There’s an oil pan down
there and oil goes in there. That’s the same thing. Now, let’s move into a
zig-zag sewing machine. On a zig-zag sewing machine like this, there is no oil pan. See, no oil pan. Very nice. Everything is up here. You oil, oil them up here. From here all these holes
that you see is open, is for oiling. All of these things. This is a zig-zag sewing machine. No oil pan. New Tech, no oil pan. Underneath, same thing. Hole right here. You oil it from the top. You could even open this up and grease it. Nothing is gonna happen. On the Blindstitch sewing
machine, from New Tech, no oil pan. All these holes that you
see here is for oiling, a drop or two. You don’t have to go big on the oil because sometime the
oil comes to the needle and makes your stuff– But now, what type of oil? Neutral 100 and that oil we have. It’s a clear oil. Neutral 100 oil. That’s what everybody asks. Multi-needles, this one has a, they
don’t have an oil pan. It’s sealed oil inside. You open this up, let’s say
and you put your oil in there and you could see the
gauge from right here. There’s a gauge right here, let’s say and you could see the
oil, how much the oil is. The oil is inside here, it’s sealed, okay? This another New Tech, same thing. Now all the sergers, no oil pan. The oil goes from the
top, and here is the gauge that you see how much
oil you have in there. Same thing with New Tech, that’s the 9000 back there, right here. Oil pan in there. Let’s move into the New Tech HA441. Same thing, no oil pan. You have up here and this one, you see all this red spots right here? You oil ’em. You oil all these things. But the most important
thing besides the oiling is that you keep your
sewing machine clean. Make sure there is no thread,
like us around the belt. Make sure the belt is covered. Do not use a sewing machine
before you put oil in there. Make sure there is oil in there. It happen many, many times that
customer calls in and says, “Hey, my sewing machine is not moving,” after a couple of days of work because they forgot to put oil in there. You gotta make sure there is oil in there, the oil is clean. Make sure you change your
oil from time to time and just go through the paperwork that comes with the machine. It tells you, every single machine had one of these owner’s
manual, instruction manual that you could go in there. Besides showing you the parts, it shows you how to oil them, how to change the needle and all of that. And in general, always have the right tool for what you’re doing. Make sure with the
sewing machine like this you have a tweezer and needle threader, all that stuff. So this is the way you oil ’em. Make sure you have a blower or a air can. And that’s the way you gonna
make sure your machine, your sewing machine live
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