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Singer sewing machine why is it awesome because this is computerized and computerized means it’s more convenient it’s actually much more accurate with 200 built-in stitches you get more than 10 feet get a huge package we’ll go over in just a second but the coolest part is it’s $300 off tonight for the very first time this is normally a $900 computerized machine and at $5.99 do you know that’s the price of a typical decent manual machine but now you can really go up to the computerized is what quite frankly what everybody wants with all the convenience all the latest technology and a great name like singer I mean singer is the epitome of sewing machines they’ve been doing it for a long time and I’m so excited to have this one here tonight again you get lots of goodies with our configuration and it’s always exclusive and you really get one of the neatest feet they’re included and it’s our little flower foot that we’ll talk about in just a moment that’s one of the extra bonuses that come along with it but I introduce you to miss Stephanie ranch she joins me she’s been sewing since I guess you were wee little that’s right have
you here and I got to tell you I was so impressed and I’ve talked about singer for years I’ve been on the air with them I own two singer machines to get a computerized machine of this price with it’s so feature-rich is really impressive that’s a great description of it absolutely and it’s awesome because if you’re a new solar and maybe a little bit intimidated by sewing and this sewing machine is so user-friendly you’re gonna just fall in love with it clearly if you have been sewing for a long time but maybe you want something that does a little bit of the work for you this is also great for this a lot for you for example I just went through several layers of thick denim just as we were talking no skipping of the stitches and actually has an automatic thread cutter as well so it does have all the bells and whistles that we love and there you go very nice straight stitching even stitches and like I said we just breezed through denim like that so that’s a nice thing about computerized because now you’re gonna be able to do so many fancy stitches but they do have accurately exactly so let me go over the features for you so let’s take a look at the front as you can see it’s so beautiful and not intimidating it’s a singer legacy C 440 like you said it’s computerized so it does some of the work for us it’s very accurate and if you look underneath the hood Oh 200 beautiful stitches that we can choose from and play with and we can stretch them and make them wider lots of to play with I’ll get into you’re getting those wonderful presser feet and they’re actually snap-on feet so we’re gonna switch one out right now I just press the button in the back take off this foot and I’m gonna pop on my blind hem foot and we’re gonna be good to go so really sewing is so much fun and I want to take the fear out of sewing that people might have it’s very very easy it’s very very quick and there you go just like that now what I also want to mention is it’s great for a lot of different things so whether you’re you want to mend clothing you maybe you need to darn something you can also do home decor projects baby clothes maybe you want to do crafts stitch on paper you could totally do that so now we’re just going to go over here and we’re going to change our stitch so I just did the straight stitch on my pants but now let’s do a blind hem so when you want to select a stitch it’s very easy you can look up here your cheat sheet that’s what I like to call it you’ll have your basic stitches 13 buttonhole stitches those are one-step buttonholes stretches decorative satin elongation which we’ll get into quilting stitches look at all those quilting stitches and heirloom as well so lots to play with and then additionally you can tweak them so right now I’m going to go into the blind hem stitch which is located right here on this LCD screen it’s a touchscreen do what you’re going to do is actually select first of all these first 10 stitches here or your direct selects so these are your most common stitches that you’re gonna be going to so that’s why you went ahead and used the blind hem stitch right there so now I’m just gonna go ahead and sift this over and you’ll notice that I can actually adjust the width as well so I’m gonna increase the whip a little bit so it catches and the blind hem stitch is really great if you want to do a hem but you want it to be slightly invisible it’s really awesome I did it over there on the toddler dress and you can also do it on like white pants which I haven’t I can show you that as well it’s really really neat I’m gonna go ahead and use my automatic thread cutter normally I would use a little bit lighter thread guys you can see it’s pretty much in this profession that cool ok so wait a minute do you stay there’s just space one second and I’ll be right back with you or Stephanie excuse me I want to show you exactly what you get because I kind of brushed by it very very quickly but just if I want to focus here’s all your basic accessories and you get that with most machines look at our configuration of what makes it really special you’re getting more than 10 feet with this normally you have to buy a lot of these buy them individually there’s the buttonhole that she’s going to be using in just a bit to show you how that works but this is actually an extra-special one that is so clever and it’s called the floral stitch one but it also does more than that so we’ve actually bonused that in of course you get all the basic tools that you need to operate the machine you get your bobbins you can see or get your needles to get started it is a complete package and with the feet that you’re getting it’s super comprehensive so as Stephanie said you could be an absolute beginner and say hey I’m here I’m good uncomfortable with this because whatever job you need to do is here if you’re more advanced you can take the exact same tools and really take it to that next level if you’re still using an old manual machine and you’re like oh my goodness I really want to upgrade because this is like going you know again from like carton horse and a horse and wagon to a Lamborghini quite frankly this is your moment to do it and what we’ve added got a little more affordable is our flexpay you can get this home and pay it off in five months the only caveat I’ll share with you tonight because
I know not stuff’s gonna be here later on today possibly if there’s any left is I only have 200 available at this price and at our HSN price it’s almost $900 and worth every darn penny absolutely get a $300 savings on this that’s just the clearance we only have a couple hundred available when they’re gone we’ll never ever repeat this low price again and they’re going to last and last this is a senior sewing machine it’s built to last it’s got a 25 year warranty completely and you know they’ve been around for over 160 years so they’re the experts of the industry so if you’re gonna buy a sewing machine now is the time and now Servius so it’s a Singer sewing machine so what I just did now is I selected a decorative stitch since we have 200 of them and why don’t you go ahead and show them what 206s looks like they’re kind of fun to do a lot of choices are options and again you might say hey I’m a straight stitch girl to begin with but then you can grow to be this I mean look at it 200 yeah keep going keep going I wish I could show you up close but we don’t have time to go a little bit more to go a little bit more to go we’re almost there look at that and that is one of my very favorites right there because you actually can monogram or write with this yes we can do lettering and stitching with it as well so let me show you a couple of the other features it has it has a top drop-in bobbin system so that’s really cool because as you can see we can see our threads so I can know ahead of time if I need to add more bobbin or I’m gonna make it through a project I can add it whenever I need to really cool you also don’t have to pull up your thread no way yeah it’s automatic it’s automatic it’s really cool so your bobbin thread up for you has three that’s a stopper right there yeah a lot of people have a manual machine when you have to go so just trying to get it so that stupid thread comes up from the bobbin and it works right makes you insane that’s all automatic yeah and you don’t think there’s a ton of light under here all those old Maino machines even my machines have one little old LED light can’t see doodly-squat with it right so it’s nice when you get more light and be face numerous and there’s a lot of space right here too for your projects to push them in the imager if you’re working oh yeah and the surface area is a lot larger too and there’s also an accessory tray I had taken off for the two hand pants so it gives you a free arm there and as you notice that there are little arrows on the front which is basically like a map that kind of reminds you how to thread your machine so if you are you just sewing this is not an intimidating machine you can do a lot with it and it kind of helps you as you go it guides you for example you have a locking button here you can position your needle to up-down you can also control the speed which is great I love the icons cuz they’re so cute this is the turtle for slower walking too because you say okay what if you’re beginning soar and you get to a corner you go what do I do and you’re like wait you want the needle to be down and locked in old times you’d have to get rotate it make sure it was positioned down and then you turn your project exactly this it all does that and with the protection of a button so a lot of the stuff we used to do and have to do manually all of a sudden you’re right it does take over for it’s like having self-driving car yes exactly like an automatic car and for example you can play around so I know we said we have 200 stitches but you can also adjust the width and the length of those stitches as well and some of them you can elongate which means yet you can play around with them and they’ll keep their density so for example this was the first main stitch kind of in its default settings right here beautiful scalloped and then here I you know I tweaked it a little bit yep and that fun I changed and then here same thing changed a little bit more then here I started the elongation right here so that was the first one a little bit longer two times longer and three times longer this is all one stitch so I know we said we had 200 stitches but really 200 times you know well it’s really kind of fun right awesome so let’s go ahead and show you one of these buttonholes it’s an automatic buttonhole that we can do and we have 13 to choose from so you have them like eyelet ones and you can do yes all kinds of different ones so I’m gonna go ahead and open up the hood and we’ll go ahead and choose one let’s do number 20 how about that so I’m just gonna plug in 2-0 on the front and we’re going to anything else – nancy
– I love this Ellie can you guys get lower on the screen just for one second that’s one I just the only really want to see it’s really easy to see so if you wear the old glasses or you’re saying my eyesight’s not quite what it used to be they’re very big it’s very bold it’s very clear and very understandable and there’s no guesswork no guess a lot of times whether you’re on old emanuelle machine you’re always tweaking dials and you have to keep experimenting to figures I don’t know what the stitch is gonna lie no idea what is it exactly love is that beauty of it is here and this and you really have that let me show you here is let me let me give you an example so let’s do 142 right we’re right in there yeah 142 so that was the stitch I just showed you and then if we can decrease the width and look at it change as we do that oh so you guys look see this is changing and then we can increase it go back up that’s a matter we can change the length look you guys see it totally changed and increase the length oh that’s brilliant amazing then we can go into the alts okay and that’s when you do the elongation as well which is really awesome and then you can play around with mirror imaging so you can do over the vertical line and over the horizontal line as well well that one doesn’t really you know you’d have to pick a different shirt but that is really clever it’s not awesome so good no guesswork and you know when you’re trying to guess you’re doing a whole bunch of tries and it takes forever and guess what your projects not getting done so what do you do you don’t finish the project without you know what you’re doing so you can get the project done really quickly if you have a manual and you’ve always want to computerized just don’t miss out on this it is such a nice machine you can even hear the quality it’s kind of like a nice comments hum it’s not interrupting to those in your because we’re always taking over the dining room table sorry yeah so I’m stitching a buttonhole right now well not really not it’s kind of cheating actually I kind of feel guilty about this like a guilty pleasure of sewing I set it up hit the button into the hole the hole but so you can use this with the pedal or without the pedal and you can adjust the speed both ways so if you have the pedal plugged in the speed controls are gonna control your parameter so maybe I was teaching my daughter when I when she’s gonna be five I’m gonna teach her how to sew and you know I don’t want her to go so fast and maybe she’ll have a heavy foot because she’ll you know she’s young so I can just adjust that down and she won’t go be able to go any faster than my regulator on it yeah it’s really cool or you can also change it for yourself or when you’re not using your hands I think too when you’re a beginning sower it can get away from you so fast and then yeah do you get really frustrated because you’re like if it went through so quickly so it’s nice to be able to have that control exactly and it increases your confidence you know I’d like to do this I would never be able to really particularly do this way back when but with a computerized sewing machine I just did a buttonhole back in the day it’s cool online move it to do this line to this line to this line I love it so now I’m going to switch out the feet again it’s a snap-on foot so it’s really easy I’m just gonna lift my feet dog or lower my feed dogs here in the back which is just those little tiny feet that we use to push our fabric through and then I’m gonna show you how to sew on a button which is really really easy to do. http://repairsewingmachine.com
there we go awesome okay so now I’m gonna put on my little button button foot is so cute so little there we go we’re gonna snap that guy on done like that and then I’m gonna get my little fabric and we’re gonna sew on this little button so if you’re running out the door no more excuses if you if your button falls off you can totally sew it back on in just a couple seconds literally so I’m gonna go into stitch 11 because that’s my buttonhole stitch plug that in it shows up and I’m happy that’s again I have a little reminder saying hey are your feed dogs down and they are so that’s awesome to touch the checkmark to say yes it’s yeah it’s awesome because it just reminds you insist a gentle reminder and it also teaches you as you go so now I’m just gonna push play that’s awesome that isn’t that amazing that he’s touched the other two if I wanted to do that and now my buttons back on my shirts back on my skirts and I can go to my interview do it and you know what’s really interesting is by having a great machine if you say you’re not a great sew or you’ve wanted to sell you’ll be able to do so many great projects what’s a straight stitch Pinterest you can just look up straight did stitch ideas yeah and they’re freeze yeah ninety percent of projects are literally a straight stitch yeah but then when you want to get fancy in more advanced it’s actually gonna grow with you if you have a manual and you really love sewing boy oh boy go up to a computerized machine and if you are so ER you know how wonderful and exquisite that experience is to have a computerized system more accurate there’s tons more versatility you get so many more things in you can be so much more creative using this machine and we’re super excited to offer it today because you know expensive if you try to buy them separately they’re very expensive very pricey actually so it’s really awesome that you’re getting this whole configuration and all these ten feet together now I just what you do when you put this attachment on is you get to play around with your decorative stitches in a circular motion and that’s what makes the flower pattern so you can really play around here’s several others that I’ve done and it was just so much fun to play and just see what they were going to turn out to be that’s a critter that’s really good so you can put them on dresses you can put them on you know outfits on your clothes.http://repairsewingmachine.com/sew1

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